Nigerian sets Guinness record for longest handmade wig

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In Lagos, Nigeria, Helen Williams, an accomplished wigmaker with eight years of experience, has earned a spot in the Guinness World Records for crafting the longest handmade wig. Stretching an impressive 351.28 meters (1,152 ft 5 in), the record-breaking wig was meticulously created over 11 days, costing over N200,000 (£2,031; $2,493).

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Helen, known for producing 50 to 300 wigs weekly, constructed the wig’s foundation with wig-cap netting and black fabric attached to a bicycle helmet. The elaborate hairpiece required 1,000 bundles of hair, 12 cans of hair spray, 35 tubes of hair glue, and 6,250 hair clips.

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Despite her wigmaking expertise, Helen encountered challenges in sourcing materials for the colossal wig. The major hurdle, however, was finding a suitable venue for laying out the wig in a straight line and accurately measuring it. No venue, including various running tracks, proved long enough. Undeterred, Helen chose the expansive Lagos–Abeokuta Expressway to accomplish this feat.

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Guinness World Records acknowledged her achievement, emphasizing the remarkable dedication and creativity exhibited by Helen Williams in setting a new standard for handmade wigs.

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