INTERVIEW: My comedies have cured depression – Olusho Agba

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Abiodun Omokayode, popularly known as Olusho Agba, is a comedian and skit maker based in Abeokuta, Ogun State. In this interview with OgunWatch, Olusho Agba shares his experience in comedy and other issues.

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How did you start your comedy career?

I must confess, the journey has not been so easy. Yes, I started way back from school, Moshood Abiola Polythecnic. Then we started jokingly, my coursemate and I, we can do this and we posted on Facebook particularly at that time.

Along the line, I sensed that I needed to take this thing seriously because I saw a future in it. So, I had to start adjusting myself into it by taking my time to watch some mentors, role models who I look up to, I started following up their craft and since then, we thank God for life.

What course did you study in Mapoly?

I studied Mass Communication and graduated in 2017.

What state are you from?

I’m from Osun State, Esa Oke to be precise.

How has been the journey so far?

To be candid, the journey has been so rough and tough because when we conceive an idea, it’s up to you to determine if it’s a long time duration or just for a while. Although we started jokingly as I said earlier but along the line, I was like since there’s a future in this because it’s part of me, I do funny stuffs, I do jokes then I had to take my time. So I took my time to watch some of my mentors, my role models. How do they do this? How can I do this? How can I arrive at this? That was how I started then and I must confess God has been involved let me just say that God has been involved I must tell you and you know it’s a process, we’re still on the process so we keep getting better day by day.

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What are the challenges you face in the industry?

The industry is so large so there’s bound to be some challenges and I must tell you, at times there are people we look up to but the access ticket is not yet there, if I’m looking up to a great artist or a comedian and I’m yet to get closer to such person, it might be a bit challenging. One of them was Woli Agba, you know once you don’t give something a try, you won’t know how easy it is. 

So until I got access to Woli Agba that was when I knew his kind of person, he’s very friendly and accommodating but unknown to me, if I had assumed that this man could not really help, I wouldn’t have really known that he’s a cool and very calm man.

Aside from that, financially too, this work requires a lot of capital, finances, and all that, at times your strength might fail you, so where is the zeal and vision to keep going, it still falls back to finance. There’s nothing unachievable, since I worked with Woli Agba that was when I discovered there’s nothing that is unachievable. The mentors and role models we look up to today with consistency we can get a one-on-one conversation with them.

Who are some of the comedians you’ve featured so far?

Apart from being an Instagram comedian, I take my time to do some online stuffs because I can’t just rely on comedy. There’s this online show I do, “Time Out With Olusho Agba”  where I bring on well-known comedians and Nollywood celebrities as guests. On skits, I’ve been able to feature the likes of Woli Agba, Baba Saka which is the famous Afeez Oyetoro, and Marlian Daddy. Some of the Nollywood celebrities I’ve also featured are the likes of Wazo, Ayo Olaiya, and many more. I’m also working with the likes Biola Adekunle, Lekan Olatunji and some others. There are some top listed and we’ll known comedians I’m also working with like Baba Alariya, Baba Kamo and so on.

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Why did you choose Yoruba language for your comedy?

I chose Yoruba because I started here in Abeokuta but  along the line I had to do code mixing and code switching so as to carry everybody along.  Back then I remember, my mentor was Woli Agba, he prompted me into skit making. When I got closer to him, he told me that if he had not heeded to the calling, he might have probably failed the hope of those looking up to him but I thank God for his life that at least he’s still on the journey and the journey has given birth to some upcoming comedians in which I’m proud to be one of them.

What challenge perculiar to Abeokuta do you want the government to look into?

The government would just need to do more on entertainment. I think right now in Abeokuta, entertainment is neglected so I just want to urge the government to dwell more on entertainment because it is very wide and many of the entertainers that we have now passed through Abeokuta if I’m not mistaken.

Abeokuta has really been the face of entertainment but now the support we’re getting from the government is very low. 

Let them bring up shows that would bring every comedian and entertainer together, we believe our dear Governor can do more. They should just concentrate more on entertainment at least if they invest more money in entertainment, I’m sure it will yield great results.

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What help does you comedy bring to the hearts of Nigerians who are facing so many hardship today?

There’s this saying that ” no matter what you’re passing through, just try and data”

From my own end, in my own little way, I have my audience. There’s this skit people refer to as cruise, those cruise also give some people joy. When I post on Instagram, I do check the comments to know if I’m actually making sense. In whatever we’re doing, the feedback should be essential. So, I take my time to check all the comments to know at least this person shows that he’s happy, someone laughed. 

So these feedbacks are something we check from time to time and to some extent, I won’t lie to you my comedy has cured depression.

I do screenshot some feedbacks, to see that I’m putting a smile one one or two audience face, at least someone is testifying to the my skit. So I’m always happy and greatful to God. It is just for me to keep doing it.

What is your advice to youths out there?

My advice to them is that that what they know how to do best, they should keep doing it because now there’s distraction, and depression from one place or the other. People are passing through a lot, some might say they have no talent. No! Everyone has one or two talents in them so you just need to just sit down and discover yourself and keep doing that thing. Once you’re on it, it’s going to get better.

Remember I told you that I started jokingly but now some people are praying that they should get to where I am now and I say to myself I’ve not gotten anywhere, I just started. So, let’s keep doing what we know how to do best.

What is your call to the federal government?

Dear federal government, entertainers also need help. The government should invest more in the entertainment industry so that both the upcoming and the great ones can keep doing well in our different areas of entertainment.

Entertainment industry is very large with comedians, musicians, everyone is still under the same umbrella. They should just invest more in entertainment.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Emi! (Myself)? I see myself in a greater place in the next five years because I want to keep improving. Where I was last year in not where I am presently.

No matter what people are going through, they should watch my skits.

My event is coming up soon and apart from skit making I do one event yearly and that is “The Confession”. Another edition is coming up this year again on November 26th to be precise at Continental Suites Abeokuta and it’s tagged “Untold”. It is come one come all, invite your friends and enemies, let them come and laugh.

Last year’s edition featured the great Woli Agba and for this year’s edition, come and see for yourself.

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