Today: April 12, 2024

About us

Ogunwatch, established in 2022 by Damilare Adenola and co-founded by Olamilekan Sodeinde and Emiola Osifeso, stands as a testament to the vision of dynamic young individuals native to Ogun state. At its core, Ogunwatch embodies the concept of citizen-centric digital journalism, serving as a rallying point to galvanize the residents of Ogun state into becoming proactive and engaged citizens.

This pioneering platform is not merely a news outlet; it is a catalyst for fostering a sense of responsibility and civic duty among the populace. Ogunwatch has been instrumental in encouraging citizens to actively participate in the affairs of their state, creating a bridge between information and action.

The distinctiveness of Ogunwatch lies in its focused reporting, primarily centered on social issues. The platform assumes the role of a vigilant watchdog, meticulously tracking instances of malfeasance, injustice, and corruption, both within the government and among individuals. By shedding light on these critical matters, Ogunwatch not only serves as an informative source but also empowers citizens to hold their leaders and fellow community members accountable.

Ogunwatch’s commitment to ethical journalism and its dedication to the welfare of Ogun state residents mark it as a pioneering force in the realm of digital media. Through its insightful reporting and citizen mobilization initiatives, Ogunwatch continues to make significant strides in shaping a more informed, engaged, and socially conscious community within Ogun state.

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