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152 Task Force Battalion: Allegations against Lt. Col. MZ Dikko wicked, libelous 

By Gabriel Samuel

As a solider serving in 152 task force battalion Banki, I can boldly say that all the allegations levied the commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel MZ Dikko is a total defamation. 

He has been our commanding officer for more than a year now, there’s nothing of such he treat us equally as one family. Is quite unfortunate that some set of people ganged up to cook up this defamatory, libellous, wickedness article inother to tarnish the commanding officer reputation. 




All this I overheard some of the soldiers discussing this issues, stating that it was because the commanding officer stopped women from entering the camp during the week. The commanding officer said Christian should only be allowed to come and worship on Sundays while Muslims are only allowed to worship on Fridays for civilians. The lady’s do pretend they were coming for midweek service, from there they’ll be seeing their soldier and officer boyfriend, prior to the commanding officer making such announcement. This alone trigger the sponsor of this libellous article in other receive public sympathy.

 We are here to fight war for God sake, the libellous article is sponsored by personnel who want to be living like they’re in their respective homes while on operational ground forgetting that women are distraction forgetting what Proverbs 31:3 say.

Firstly, let me start from his administrative staffs, the chief clerk, adjutant are both Christian. The former adjutant under him is also a Christian, his personal assistant is Christian and of a Igbo decent, his driver is a Christian. Some of the kitchen staffs are also Christian, the commanding officer eat from the kitchen as well, if he dislike Christian he won’t bother eating food prepare Christian.This alone has shown that all this allegations is from mischievous makers who are trying to sabotage his effort, I’m a Christian as well and my conscience will always judge if overlook things like this. 

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All the soldiers are always happy seeing him in fact whenever he is coming we dey always shout war  war war and in response he always welcome us with kind gestures. Because he’s a great leader who lead operations whenever we’re going for any operation. 

The claim that Lt col Dikko has exhibited religious prejudice by expelling Catholics from their church and converting it into a conference venue. Is a lie from people who are willing to tarnish his good work, the place allegedly called church was formerly a classroom used by the Islamic school, we should also note that the present facility been used by152 task force battalion was formerly an Islamic school that was used by student it was never a barrack virtually all the shelter there is temporary because they were formerly classrooms, in most of the classrooms you can see blackboard used by the students before Nigerian Army took over the place. 

The Catholics were not expelled, they were only relocated and the commanding officer made a provision for the new place they’re  currently using.  The commander try by renovating a new class room for us to use as a church. the question i want to asked those people is this thing happened in January, why until ending of February before they write lies. 

On 13th of February 2024, there was a bilateral meeting with people from far north region of Cameroon , the state government sent a team of engineers and some government officials to look for a suitable location for the meeting prior to the meeting day, the CO choose the officers mess but the engineers said it was too small, hence they look for another classroom that was used as store and the other part was used as Catholic church.  I was there when I carry file to the adjutant in the officer mess that morning. I was the one that when the commanding officer said adjutant should call the pastor, the adjutant send me. all our pastors were called that day the people from Borno State government came. 

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The walls of the store and defunct Catholic church was demolished in other to acquire more spac this is what the engineers tell our commander that day. The engineers and some government officials not the CO that choose the location to be used, this are the explanation the unit Adjutant Lieutenant D Simon address all the Cristian soldiers, mopol, and even the civilian NGOs for the two churches. some officers and soldier  that the CO denied of bringing women to the camp cooked up this

It is not new in the Nigerian Army that discipline is our bedrock, there are ways to channel ones grievances in the Army. If anyone feel cheated or feels his right is violated there are ways to go about it. 

The commanding officer has never threaten anyone of dismissal, however, if anyone violate the Nigerian Army standards the person will be charged and made to go through orderly room procedures. this are what the commanding officer tell us when he raised the issue of some personal that rented apartment and keeps their girlfriend inside town. He sent for the intelligence officer to identify those that rented apartment inside the town. this was during his last Dubar in February with us. since that day those people feel the commanding officer has stop them from sleeping outside with their girlfriend and some of them are even married. 

The commanding officer did not in any way skews the selection process for Nigerian Army courses to favour those of the Muslim faith and discards merit. In fact it was a Christian that head the selection board Major John, twenty five (25) Muslims and twenty four (24)  christians were selected for promotion, courses six (6) Muslims and seven (7) christians  were presently attending different courses.

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 I work in the orderly room, we have the records. We have Christian and  Muslim that went for courses. Thank God I work in the office where I have access to this information, we need to verify information and stop beating around the bush. We have serious issues to tackle here, and we’re talking about religion, ethnicity. When the Boko Haram attacked us sometime ago it was a Muslim brother that saved me, personally I don’t like this kind of talk but I can’t overlook, this particular one is defamatory and it may reduce work efficiency if this is not curb.

Lt. Col. Dikko despite the hard economy provide food for the troops, for instance he did not stop buying foreign rice despite the high cost. How many people are eating foreign rice today. Most of the time he supervise the kitchen and make sure everyone gets food, there was a time he delegates some officers alongside himself to oversee the kitchen activities, this very day the food remain that people were coming for more rounds, the commanding officer is honestly trying all I just see is people that want to sabotage his effort.

 Because same quantity of food that was cooked that day he still maintain it so where’s the shortage coming from? He cannot be trying to make the troops happy and few people will just want everything to go south.

On the issue of soldiers complaining of lack of operational vehicles. everybody here in this camp know that this man is trying for us. he bring mechanic from Maiduguri and keep him permanent and he is paying him. all our motor are old. how can this operation finish when we that are to fight Boko Haram are laying against our commander.

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