Ogun customers are owing us N67 billion, IBEDC says

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The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) has said customers in Ogun state owe over 67 billion naira adding that the huge amount of debt is impairing their ability to provide services.

The outcry was made at an engagement with the customers held at the IBEDC Office, Leme, Abeokuta the Ogun state capital.

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Managing Director of IBEDC, Engr. Kingsley Achife, represented by the Lead Media Relations of the organization, Busolami Tunwashe also expressed displeasure with the behavior of the customers in Abeokuta on energy theft.

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He explained the safety precautions to the customers and encouraged them to avoid using illegal meters and using third parties when placing meter orders. 

Tunwashe also appealed to them to stop harassing the company’s employees because they are also humans and advised the customers to report any fraud by the organization’s workforce to the company.

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“The purpose of this engagement is to interact with customers and make some things absolutely clear to them. Also to make an appeal on the issue of Dept, in Ogun state alone, customers owe us over 67B Naira. We are asking them to please pay up, no business can survive with such a huge amount. 

“Another issue is the issue of energy theft where customers shortchange the company, they either don’t pay for the light they use or some people tamper with their meters, or some people don’t even have meters at all and connect directly to Electricity. Sometimes they carry these acts at night and it is causing us a lot of losses; that is why we are appealing to our customers today to please desist from the act of energy theft and get a meter. If they get a meter, the issue of crazy bills will be a thing of the past. 

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“We also want to appeal to them on the use of third party to buy a meter. When you don’t buy a meter from us, invent into buy such meter, the money does come to the cover of the IBDEC. We have made meters available, you don’t need a third party to buy a meter, just pay through the Bank account that has been provided and you will get the meter more easily.

“We also draw the attention of our customers to the safety implication of using illicit meters, that if you tamper with your meter, if you use such substandard meter there could be safety issues, they could be Electricity shock or fire outbreak with the use of illicit meters. We also appealed to our customers to stop assaulting our staff.

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“There is measure in place already for any staff that found wanting to show a way out, and we also encourage our customers to blow the whistle on our staff. If you see anyone please report that staff. When you report that staff, we will investigate, and if the complaint is genuine and it is true, that staff will be dealt with. In Five Months about Ten staff have been shown a way out, so any staff that commits any infraction will be let out of the service of IBEDC. Our core value is integrity and we do everything excellently well”.

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