Earn income in 2023: top 6 online jobs you should explore

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online jobs

Thanks to the internet, getting an accredited university degree online is now possible, skill acquisition is more democratised, working from home is almost without itches, and other previous tedious tasks are made convenient.

In Nigeria where securing a job is a harrowing experience, courtesy of failed government policies, young people especially, are forced to look online to source income for themselves in order to survive. And so, this article Ogunwatch looks at some Online Jobs that can earn you income.

There are many online jobs one can do, however, this article will shed light on relatively the most popularly engaged ones: affiliate marketing, freelance writing, online influencing, online tutoring and online betting and transcription.

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Freelance Writing

online jobs

One of the popular online jobs is freelance writing. A person who can write dextrously on various topic, is eligible to do this and can earn an income of up to N50,000 weekly.

Writing is one of the few online jobs that even a person of little knowledge of English grammar can do but because there are a lot of writers competing for jobs you need to sharpen up your knowledge in English grammar and writing skill. It is one of the most popular online jobs, because, virtually all websites, including those of companies, aim to provide quality and regular contents and are in need of more writers to their audiences.

However, a freelance writer, who wishes to be known for what they do, must be knowledgeable in various topics, because they can be assigned to write on a different topic that they focus on or have prowess in.

Some of the freelance writing platforms or websites that offer job opportunities for freelance writers in 2023 are Upwork, Remote, livingston research, Flex jobs, and peoplepe. To be accepted on some of this platform some tests are taken. Dont fret, our write like a pro in 3 days” course can help you pass any of this test.

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Sports betting

While we do not really count gambling as a sustainable job, the reality in Nigeria has many young people relying on it to make income for survival. No wonder many of the betting influencers on the Nigerian Twitter space boast of a huge online following and engagement. Sports betting is a form of gambling that entails placing a bet on the outcome of a sporting event. The primary intent of sports betting is to win additional money.

No doubt, sports betting is very popular among young Nigerians with many of the betting tips influencers garnering hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

However, unlike the other money-making platforms metioned in this post, sports betting requires an initial deposit made to the bet company which is used stake the intended bet and making money from there is based on chances.

But, don’t fret, there are betting tips providing telegram groups to join that provide regular betting tips that can win you a decent income. Join Dereal bet tips where aside getting free betting tips, cash and data giveaways are regularly awarded to members of the community.

Some of the highest paying and reliable sports betting companies are Sportybet, Betking, 1xbet and Bet9ja. When you register with some of this platforms, you will get a huge sum of registration bonus. for instance 1Xbet offers new customers up to N145,600 as welcome bonus.

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Affiliate marketing

This is a type of marketing arrangement where an agent (a person or a platform) is offered a certain commission for traffic or sales generated for maybe an online retailer or other organizations of interest. An intermediary or referrer who is paid some commissions, usually on goods or products bought by the number of referees or persons, he or she refers is called an affliate marketer.

A number of companies in Nigeria and abroad offer affiliate marketers opportunity through their affliate programs. Some of the 2023 affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria are Konga affiliate program, Jumia Affiliate program, Web4Africa Affiliate Program, Wakanow affiliate program, WhoGoHost Affiliate Program, Travelstart Affiliate Program, Grammarly Affiliate Program, and Aliexpress Affiliate Program.

Online influencing

One of the online jobs, that is available to anyone who is interested in online jobs is online influencing. As long as anyone has access to the internet and a network (an audience or followers on social media), they can consider doing this. In Nigeria, an online influencer is usually called a “social media influencer.”

If a person has many engagements on what he or she posts on their social media, they might be hired by a brand or company to promote or advertise their products on the social media(s), where they are active and have more ‘followers’, by sharing videos, pictures, or information to convince their audiences.

Also, a person could be hired to manage a company or brand’s social media account, to help them garner an audience for the account.

Since both involve using the internet and having a network of customers, it stands to reason that an online influencer can also be an affiliate marketer. An online influencer who has an engaged audience or following on social media can make money by encouraging others (his followers) to buy a product or take particular actions because they believe in him or her.

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Online tutoring

As aforementioned, one can acquire a skill in his or her comfort zone. Hence, one can earn be engaging in online tuition, as long as that person has knowledge of what he teaches. Some of the things one can teach are Video editing, photography and graphic design and English grammar and other highly sought for skills. Here, people pay money to the tutor, to learn or acquire a skill for a certain period of time.

By posting instructional videos that cover these topics, you may use YouTube to teach others about things like making a variety of cuisines, common sense tricks, and playing an instrument. Vloggers may make between N30,000 and N100,000 each month. Online tutoring employment may be found on Tutor, Brainfuse, LearnPick, and Tutorme, among other websites.


A transcriptionist is a person who transcribes recorded dictation, such as phone conversations or podcasts, into written form. The job often is about listening to audio recordings and typing out what you hear.

However, a potential transcriber must have a basic knowledge of English grammar and must know how to punctuate especially. Our ‘Write like a pro in 3 days’ will still help you achieve that, don’t fret.

Some of the transcription websites looking for freelance transcribers in 2023 are gotranscript, Transcribeme, Scribie, Rev and upwork.

It’s interesting to note that a person may work two or more online jobs as long as they are familiar with their principles and have understanding of how they operate. For instance, as shown above, a person may work as both a freelance writer and a proofreader or as both an affiliate marketer and an online influencer.

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