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Top 5 places to eat Amala in Ijebu Ode

Ijebu Ode is a historic town located in Ogun State, Nigeria. Known for its rich cultural heritage and significant historical landmarks, Ijebu Ode holds a special place in the hearts of its residents and visitors. This post offers a clue for people who are looking for the best food place to eat Amala in Ijebu Ode.

With its warm and friendly atmosphere, Ijebu Ode offers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the Yoruba people and stands as a testament to Nigeria’s diverse history and traditions.

It is popularly said that one of the most sumptuous local dishes of the Yoruba people is Amala and Ewedu, some may add Gbegiri or other things like Efo or Egusi.

Most importantly, the AMALA is ‘the main the main’ as every local Yoruba man and woman enjoys it.

For many who are not aware, there are several places in Ijebu-ode which is located in Ogun state where Amala is being sold to not just the indigenes but also for the pleasure and enjoyment of travelers.

Some of these amala joints have modernised their environment to meet up with the standard of fine rich Yoruba people who still want to have a taste of their local dishes and some of these amala joints have decided to leave their environment in the local way to make the customers feel the aura of the locality of the dishes.

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In all of these, majority of these local or modernized Amala joints have become known and popular for the very reason that people have dined in such joints and have testified to the goodness of the dish.

Here are five Amala Joints in Ijebu Ode


Amala in Ijebu Ode

The Anuoluwapo food canteen is the real definition of a local Amala joint. For those who are trying to eat Amala in Ijebu ode in a local terrain, Anuoluwapo food canteen is a place to go.

It is very common and popular amongst persons very close to the Ijebu ode garage.

It is located at Ondo-benin express way, road 12, Ijebu-ode.


Amala joints in Ijebu Ode

The Iya Sanya food canteen is regarded as one of the Amala joints which falls under the local joints.

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It has remained so to make the have the aura of local dishes.

It is located exactly at the Lagos garage, ijebu-ode. It is popular for the local dishes it prepares.

Amala is the constant dish at the iya sanya food canteen. One could also get dry fish, stock fish, cat fish, cow meat, goat meat, cow legs at the Iya Sanya food canteen.


Kafeteria Ijebu Ode

The kafeteria which has its slogan as “modern mama put” already tells that the Amala joint carries on its services of selling Amala in with the current modern trend.

The cafeteria Amala joint is located at 100, Ibadan road, Ijebu-ode, right immediately after the first round about one encounters when coming from Ago-Iwoye.

The kafeteria solely deals on local dishes.


Wendy Buka's place

The Wendy’s buka place is located at 75, imepe road, ijebu-ode, they offer residents of travelers who want to eat Amala in Ijebu Ode in a much comfortable terrain.

Whilst the wendy’s buka place carries on with other African dishes, it is popularly known as an amala joint to the indigenes.

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The wendy’s place also falls under the category of the modernised amala joint, having a very fine and conducive environment for its customers.

The cost is also pocket-friendly as an average local Yoruba man can walk into the joint to place an order.



The lord Reigneth foods has its head office at No 13, Ondo/ Benin road, near Lagos garage, Ijebu ode. This food place offer customers palatable atmosphere to have a sumptuous meal of Amala in Ijebu Ode.

It also has a branch office at No 230, Ondo road, opposite omo-owo junction, ijebu-ode.

At the first thought of its name, one would think that the lord reigneth is not an Amala joint whereas, the Lord reigneth is popular amongst the people of ijebu-ode and the travellers for its services as regards the local dish.

The lord reigneth falls under the category of modernised amala joint, although, not only the rich goes there as anyone can afford the prices of the dish.

The lord reigneth only upgraded its environment from what should be the local joint to a reformed joint.

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