Top 5 Amala Joint In Abeokuta

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Nestled in the enchanting Southwest region of Nigeria, the vibrant city of Abeokuta beckons with an exquisite tapestry of diverse cultural wonders. This captivating metropolis is a haven for aesthetics, where every corner reveals an artistic marvel waiting to be admired.

From its rich heritage to its awe-inspiring landmarks, Abeokuta unveils a world where beauty takes center stage and cultural treasures abound. Abeokuta is also known for its delicious local cuisine and some of the best amala spots in the world.

Made out of yam flour, Amala is a local dish that is usually served with a variety of soups or stews like Ewedu and Gbegiri. It is a beloved delicacy enjoyed by citizens and visitors alike. With so many great restaurants in Abeokuta and surrounding areas, it cannot be easy to choose which one to visit to feed your stomach with the best Amala dish. 

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In this article, we will bring you the top amala spots in Abeokuta that are worth visiting.

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1 . Halaga

Halaga is a popular, prestigious, high-end restaurant. They provide excellent service as every one of their meal offerings is opulent and delicious.

There is also a VIP section upstairs if you want to avoid the queue to purchase your food.

It is located at Mercy road Panseke, Abeokuta Ogun state.

If you want to impress a date by taking them out to eat Amala visit Halaga.

2 . Olorunwa Kitchen

This is yet another place to be. The setting is stunning, and the food is excellent and delicious especially their Amala.

If you have a negative evaluation of the establishment then you were not at Olorunwa Kitchen. Aside the affordable meals their customer service is top notch.

It is located at Omida road, opposite eco bank, Ibara Abeokuta, Ogun State.

3 . 24 Hours restaurant

This is another perfect Amala joint you wouldn’t want to miss. As the name implies  hot Amala is always ready at 24 hours restaurant .

Their meals are delicious with home made taste,  this Amala joint is worth every bit of the hype.

It is located at Lafenwa Rainway, behind lafenwa police station, and also at INECOffice Oke-ilewo, Abeokuta, Ogun state. 

4 . Iya Bonnke

Iya Bonke Amala Spot is located at the secretariat of  the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Iwe Iroyin Abeokuta Ogun state.

It is one of the oldest spot known for its tasty prepared Amala and other food delicacies . Established in 1990 Iya Bonke has been serving customers with freshly prepared Amala, Ewedu, Gbegiri and other delicious recipes. 

The accessibility of this spot has made it a popular spot among locals and visitors to Abeokuta. The timeliness and quality of the food prepared there is what keeps the customers coming back. Iya Bonke has perfected the recipe of preparing delicious Amala that it has become a beloved spot for those who crave a plate of Amala. Not only is the food there tasty and appealing, it is also affordable therefore one can get a plate of amala with a full stomach for little money.

5. Oloje

Oloje is another amala joints  that also delivers a genuine home-cooked flavour. It is located very close to the Abeokuta North local government.

It is located behind Total petrol stations at the Iberekodo junction.

The meals offered are Black Amala with Saki, White Amala,  Egba flour, and exquisite Garri from Ijebu. There are many options available as you desire.

The meals offered are Black Amala with Saki flour, White Amala with Egba flour, and exquisite gari from Ijebu as many different options are available as you desire.


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