Portable dominates Charles Okocha in celebrity fight

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After a grueling four rounds of intense boxing, the celebrity showdown between Nigerian street-pop artist Habeeb Badmus, popularly known as Portable, and Nollywood actor Charles Okocha concluded with Portable emerging as the victorious contender. The event, officially sanctioned by Heritage Boxing Entertainment, unfolded at Landmark Beach in Victoria Island, Lagos State, kicking off shortly after 1 am and lasting a duration of approximately 40 minutes.

The origin of this clash dates back to alleged contractual disputes, with Portable accusing Okocha of swindling him out of a purported N40 million. This financial disagreement escalated into a heated online feud, ultimately culminating in a physical face-off within the boxing ring.

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In the opening round, Portable established an early lead with a confident and assertive start. Adorned in a blue pair of knickers and a matching blue armless top, he took control of the ring, delivering calculated jabs to Okocha’s body, who sported a red top and red shorts.

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Round Two witnessed Okocha making a strong comeback, skillfully avoiding Portable’s blows and gaining the upper hand. Despite Portable’s initial dominance, Okocha’s resilience turned the tide, and his well-executed jabs brought Portable to the ground, prompting the referee to intervene.

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As the bout progressed to Round Three, Portable, seemingly on the defensive, circled the ring while Okocha pursued him. Portable seized opportunities to counterattack, attempting to recover from the blows he endured in the previous round.

In the fourth and final round, both celebrity boxers exhibited signs of fatigue, yet Portable continued to land direct punches that caught Okocha off guard. When the referee called for Round Five to determine the winner, both contenders declined to continue, leading to Portable’s official declaration as the winner.

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Despite not achieving victory through TKO, KO, or points, Portable secured the belt, solidifying his status as the rightful champion in this hard-fought and contentious battle. The celebrity boxing spectacle showcased the culmination of their longstanding feud, providing closure to the publicized conflict between the two personalities.

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