Bitcoin ETF approval: Skyrocketing predicted by DonAlt

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Bitcoin (BTC) has been a magnet for investors, thanks to the anticipation of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) gaining approval in the US. Crypto analyst DonAlt, while remaining anonymous, is causing a stir with his prediction that, should the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) grant approval for a spot Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin’s value could soar to heights reminiscent of its peak in November 2021. DonAlt envisions this approval potentially catapulting Bitcoin’s price into a range of $60,000 to $100,000, albeit over the longer term.

In a recent video on TechnicalRoundup’s YouTube channel, DonAlt elaborated on his expectations, foreseeing the potential for Bitcoin to surge by over 100% from its current levels if a spot Bitcoin ETF gets the green light in the US. He emphasized that this projection is more of a longer-term outlook, with Bitcoin’s price oscillating between a floor of $60,000 and a ceiling of $100,000.

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Beyond price predictions, DonAlt also explored the broader implications of a spot Bitcoin ETF’s approval. He believes that such an event could be a fundamental turning point in the market narrative, bestowing greater legitimacy upon the cryptocurrency market. This endorsement from the US government could bolster investor confidence and further enhance the credibility of digital assets.

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Additionally, DonAlt delved into Bitcoin’s resilience and potential vulnerabilities, highlighting the role of Binance, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. He argued that Bitcoin is unlikely to return to its November 2022 lows, barring an unforeseen calamity such as the collapse of Binance. “If you don’t think Binance will collapse, I don’t think Bitcoin will return to the $16,000 levels,” he stated. However, he did acknowledge that in the event of such a collapse, there might be buying opportunities around $12,000, which he deemed the likely floor for Bitcoin’s price.

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In conclusion, DonAlt’s insights shed light on the evolving landscape of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market. The prospect of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval in the US has generated optimism and excitement among investors, with the potential for substantial price appreciation. Furthermore, his observations regarding the impact on market narrative and Bitcoin’s resilience in various scenarios underscore the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency space. As the cryptocurrency world continues to evolve, market participants will closely monitor developments that could shape the future of Bitcoin and the broader digital asset market.

Source: Cointurk News

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