24 years after release, K1’s “Vivid Imagination” enjoys Tiktok spotlight

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vivid imagination

Nigerian fuji music maestro and Vivid Imagination crooner, Wasiu Omogbolahan Ayinde, fondly known by his stage name, K1 De Ultimate, has gained recognition for his timeless songs and albums released throughout his illustrious career.

Renowned for his unwavering consistency and versatility, K1 De Ultimate has recently experienced a resurgence of fame for one of his tracks released over two decades ago, titled ‘Vivid Imagination.’ This song has garnered renewed popularity, particularly on various social media platforms.

‘Vivid Imagination’ occupies the fifth spot among the eight tracks featured on his 1999 album, “Okofaji Carnival Fuji Version.”

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Interestingly, this song has been trending vigorously on social media platforms, particularly TikTok, in recent weeks. There has been an upsurge in its usage as TikTok users continuously incorporate the track into their videos. Many individuals have embraced the song as a trendy soundtrack or background music for their own TikTok and Instagram reel creations, transforming it into a viral sensation.

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This mirrors a similar phenomenon that occurred with another fuji artist, Obesere, whose song, “Egungun Be Careful,” experienced a revival and trended across social media platforms after more than a decade after its release.

For those asking for the meaning of Vivid Imagination, an investigation by Ogunwatch has revealed that the song “Vivid Imagination” was initially produced as a promotional content for a fashion brand named Vivid Imagination. However, it has now become a popular soundtrack among content creators aiming to portray imagination and fantasy.

The resurgence of K1’s “Vivid Imagination” in an era that increasingly values and protects intellectual property translates into additional commercial success for both the track and the singer.

According to the latest data available on Soundcamps.com, Ogunwatch discovered that TikTok pays three cents for each new video featuring a song. Thus, for every 1,000 videos incorporating the music track, $30 is generated.

Vivid Imagination
The album cover of K1’s Okofaji

On the popular music app, Spotify, Vivid Imagination, the 4 minutes, 7 seconds track, has also garnered over 281,004 streams.

At the age of 66, this veteran musician’s debut album, “Iba,” released in 1980, featuring the hit single “Abode Mecca,” which is still very much popular amongst Fuji lovers, serves as a testament to his enduring career in the fuji music industry. It showcases K1 De Ultimate’s exceptional talent and sets him apart from his peers who emerged during the same period.

Furthermore, the release of his 49th album, “Timeless,” in April of this year further emphasizes K1 De Ultimate’s longevity and ongoing contribution to the music industry. It exemplifies his ability to adapt and remain at the forefront, demonstrating his talent and relevance even after several decades in the industry.

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