We are collaborating with Lagos to extend blue rail line to Ogun – SSA

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Seyi Ogunseye, the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Revenue Assurance to Governor Dapo Abiodun, addressed various topics including Agro Cargo and the state of roads in a Twitter space session on Thursday, which Ogunwatch observed.

During his speech, Ogunseye emphasized the importance of evaluating the economic impact and alignment with the Governor’s vision before making strategic investments in infrastructure. He mentioned an investor called Arise Group, which operates in multiple African countries. According to Ogunseye, Arise Group plans to establish a five-hectare Agro Cargo metropolis in Ogun State, along with 20 to 25 industries spanning various sectors like chemicals.

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Highlighting the economic benefits, Ogunseye stated that every Naira or Dollar entering the economy creates a ripple effect, ultimately benefiting the local population. He cited the employment of laborers as an example of the positive impact already taking place in the initial stages of the project. Ogunseye also emphasized that the jobs created would primarily be reserved for Ogun State indigenes, fostering a self-sustaining environment where people can live, work, and enjoy recreational activities.

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Throughout the Twitter space session, participants posed questions to Ogunseye. Although he admitted that he might not have all the detailed answers, he encouraged individuals to send him direct messages (DMs) to remind him to inquire with the Commissioner for Infrastructure and Works for more comprehensive responses.

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Ogunseye further mentioned the collaboration between Lagos and Ogun State, specifically in extending the red and blue rail lines to Ogun. While he expressed confidence in the joint partnership and the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between the two states, he did not elaborate on specific details.

Addressing the issue of road infrastructure, Ogunseye acknowledged the significance of every road in the state. He revealed that Ogun State currently faces a massive infrastructure deficit, amounting to 10 trillion Naira. To tackle this challenge, Ogunseye emphasized the prioritization of projects based on their economic value and overall benefits to the populace.

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Ogunseye assured the public that the government values community input and actively engages citizens through annual budget town hall meetings. These meetings provide an opportunity for various stakeholders, including community leaders, students, and residents, to voice their concerns and suggest projects for consideration. Despite limited funds, Ogunseye pledged to continue doing the best within the available resources, striving to meet the infrastructure needs of the state at a steady pace.

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