Use of teargas at justice for Mohbad procession illegal: ECOWAS youth ambassador

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Richard Solomon

Ecowas Youth Ambassador Richard Solomon has strongly condemned the alleged use of tear gas, bullying, and intimidation by the Nigerian police during a peaceful protest in honor of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad. The protest, held at the Lekki Tollgate in Lagos State, saw fans and supporters gather for a candlelight procession to pay their respects to the departed artist.

In a press release, Richard Solomon expressed his dismay at the actions of the Nigerian police force, which he described as “regrettable” and “disgraceful.” He highlighted that the protesters, many of whom were esteemed senior citizens, celebrities, and public figures, had gathered peacefully to seek justice for Mohbad and had not engaged in any unlawful conduct.

“It’s really sad that we’re grieving one of our own while the Nigeria police force wants us to grieve more,” Solomon lamented in his statement. He emphasized that the suppression of peaceful protests goes against the principles of democracy and the rule of law, as guaranteed by the Nigerian Constitution.

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Richard Solomon also cited the Police Act of 2020, which prohibits the threat of citizens participating in legal protests, as well as international agreements, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which recognizes the right to peaceful assembly.

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“I urge the Inspector General of Police and the Commissioner of Police in Lagos State to thoroughly investigate this matter. It is crucial that such incidents do not occur in a constitutional setting,” Solomon stated, calling for justice and accountability.

The protest, organized by fans of Mohbad and announced earlier in the week, aimed to pay tribute to the late singer known as Ilerioluwa Aloba. Participants wore white T-shirts and danced to Mohbad’s songs as a mark of respect.

Ecowas Youth Ambassador Richard Solomon concluded his statement with appreciation for those who came out to support Mohbad’s cause, emphasizing the importance of unity and unwavering dedication in seeking justice for the departed artist.

The incident at the Lekki Tollgate has raised concerns about the use of force by law enforcement during peaceful demonstrations and has sparked calls for a transparent investigation into the matter.


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