“Surrender your January salary; it is for me,” Nigerian pastor tells congregation

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In a recent viral video, John Anosike, the President and Senior Pastor of New World Faith Ministries, commonly known as Spirit Revelation Church, located in Cape Town, South Africa, stirred controversy by urging members of his congregation to hand over their January salaries to him.

Pastor Anosike’s statements, captured in the video, have ignited discussions and drawn criticism from various quarters. In the video, he boldly declares, “This month’s salary is your first fruit of the year. It is for me, not for the church. I want to challenge you by the spirit of God. I fear nobody and I fear no criticisms. If you call me your spiritual father, this month’s salary is your first fruit of the year.”

He further emphasizes, “It is for me, not for the church. It is for this order. It is for this oracle. Are you hearing me? It is for this vessel, this one God has prepared. It is for my welfare. If you all know me with the first fruit of your first year, by the middle of this year, if you don’t testify, come back. I’ll give back to you.”

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The video has sparked a debate on social media, with many questioning the appropriateness of a spiritual leader requesting personal financial contributions from his congregation, especially in the form of their entire January salaries.

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Critics argue that such a directive may exploit the trust and faith of the congregation, while supporters of Pastor Anosike believe in his spiritual guidance and are willing to comply with his request.

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