Stop wishing the country bad because your candidate is not president, BBNAIJA Laycon warns

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Laycon, the winner of Big Brother Naija Season 5, has raised questions about the behavior of opposition party supporters in Nigeria who seem to wish for the country’s failure just because their favored candidate didn’t become president. He expressed surprise at the idea of citizens actively hoping for their country not to progress due to political disagreements.

Taking to his X handle, Laycon shared his thoughts, saying, “Wait a minute… so there are people (Nigerians, living in Nigeria) actively hoping and praying for things not to get better in this country? To what end?”

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Following this tweet, Laycon faced significant criticism, with many asking if it was the “prayers and wishes” of opposition party supporters that contributed to the current economic challenges in the country.

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In response to the backlash, Laycon clarified that he was misunderstood. He emphasized that the leaders of Nigeria are a reflection of the Nigerian people themselves. He stated, “I have always maintained the belief that our leaders mirror who we are as individuals. As long as we, as individuals, don’t change, we’ll continue to experience what we project. Assuming that disagreement implies hostility and ill intent is incorrect.”

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Laycon continued, “I shared a tweet about a conversation I had today, and the reactions to the tweet highlight how some of you don’t take the time to understand before responding. Take a moment to reflect before speaking or typing.”

He added, “And yes, I hold the belief that our leaders reflect us as a society. We have ineffective leaders, yes, but it’s people who exhibit negative traits that eventually become bad leaders, not the other way around. Those ordinary people who make life difficult for others only need to assume positions of power to become leaders.”

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Laycon pointed out, “Consider the fuel attendants during fuel shortages, or the POS attendants during currency scarcity. If they were in power, what would they do? Those earning in foreign currency, do you think they pray for exchange rates to go up or down? Sometimes, turn your critical eye inward.”


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