OOU bans final-year students from signing out, force them to sign undertaken

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OOU students bans students from signing out

Management of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), college of engineering and environmental studies, Ibogun Campus has forbidden signing out activities both inside and outside the College.

A “Clearance of Undertaken” which was released by the school and obtained by Ogunwatch prohibited the institution’s final-year students from organising, carrying out, or participating in any act of signing-out.

The management while congratulating the final year pupils on finishing their academic pursuits, added in the memo that any deemed lacking would suffer the wrath of the school.

The content of the memo

“While the College Management of College of Engineering and Environmental Studies, Ibogun Campus, congratulates the entire final year students for their successful completion of their Academic Studies, the College Management, following the pronouncement of the Vice Chancellor in SENATE, prohibiting every action of SIGNING-OUT activity within and outside the College, hereby reiterates as follows:

“That all Final Year Students are hereby bound from carrying-out, organising or getting involved in any act of signing-out activities within and outside the College of Engineering and Environmental Studies, Ibogun Campus.

“That signing-out activities within and outside the College of Engineering and Environmental Studies, Ibogun Campus, remain prohibited and bound.

“That any final year student found wanting shall be made to face not only the wrath of the College management, but that of the University management as well” the memo concluded.

OOU baba students from signing out
Copy of undertaken doc issued to OOU final year students

However the student of the institution expressed displeasure with the development, arguing that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.

Meanwhile a source within the school who pleaded anonymity, explained to OgunWatch that the ban was instituted because students from the previous session flaunted exotic automobiles and power bikes during their sign-out, which was captured on camera by a well-known Instagram media outlet and ultimately damaged the institution’s reputation.

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“About this prohibition of Signing out, there’s a reason for banning it by the Provost. He actually stated that during the last set sign out which was 2021 session or so the mentioned student of Engineering and Environmental Studies displayed some activities inside and around the Campus which really casted Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ibogun Campus.

“The Student were actually flaunting with exotic vehicles and power bikes which really wowed everyone in campus and went viral after been taken up by the popular instagram media know as Instablognaija.

“Due to what happened at that time the Provost said it really brought some issue up against him and which I’m sure he didn’t want such thing to happen again at this time.

He added that the student union had tried pleading to the provost as this will also affect future sets to come yet its all to no avail.

“Though the Student Union are really trying their best and have looked for all means to sort the issue but all to no avail. But this issue is just a simple case they can make agreement with him that they won’t do more than themselves because this sign out issue can only be done once in a life time and it’s a history to their loved ones and themselves, the provost should please listen to them as this will not just affect this set but also other to come.

Another source told OgunWatch that nothing of the sort, including cult fights similar in other institutions, had occurred during the previous signing out, apart from the utilisation of fancy automobiles by students to display their sign out.

The source however, urged final students of the school to be of good conduct, abide to the rule of the Provost as the head of the campus and if allowed to leave, take pictures, record films, and possibly plan small parties that wouldn’t disrupt the incoming students.

Meanwhile the DSA of the institution Dr M.S Oladimeji, as at the time of filing this report when contacted didn’t respond.

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