Germany’s Cry: stop far-right’s deportation plot

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Massive protests have erupted across Germany in response to surging poll ratings for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the exposure of their plot to execute mass deportations upon seizing power.

Notably, politicians from the previously ruling Christian Democratic Party (CDU) participated in an AfD-led meeting, intensifying public outcry. Additional protests are scheduled for the upcoming days.

The AfD stands on the brink of becoming Germany’s primary opposition party against the ruling coalition composed of the Social Democratic, Liberal, and Green parties. The coalition faces a significant decline in polls and is criticized for its inability to address pressing domestic and foreign policy issues, including the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, as well as the escalating cost-of-living crisis in Germany.

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Recent investigations uncovered clandestine meetings between the AfD, fascist organizations, CDU politicians, and prominent German business figures. During these gatherings, a controversial “master plan” known as “remigration” was discussed, focusing on the expulsion of individuals with a migration background.

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These revelations have triggered widespread calls for the AfD party to be banned, a key demand echoing through the ongoing mass protests. Leading politicians within the ruling coalition have expressed support for such a ban, although the liberal faction, the Free Democratic Party (FDP), remains more skeptical. Germany’s oldest mainstream news program, Tagesthemen, underscored the urgency for an AfD ban in an editorial article titled “Commentary on the AfD ban: the time has come.”

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A significant online petition has garnered over 1,300,000 signatures, urging the outlawing of AfD’s prominent figure, Björn Höcke, who, according to a court ruling, can be classified as a fascist. The hashtags #AfDDemonstration, #AlleZusammenGegenDenFaschismus, and #Antifa symbolize the collective voice against the perceived threat of fascism in Germany.

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