You are abusing power, group tells Gov Dapo Abiodun

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The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has been accused of engaging in power abuse, political repression, and human rights breaches. 

The Civil Society Coalition in Defence of Democracy made the accusation on Tuesday and requested the Ogun State House of Assembly to step in, describing the state government’s actions as harmful to democracy and public tranquilly.

The group mentioned instances of political persecution directed towards Wale Adedayo, the former chairman of the Ijebu East Local Government Area and demanded a public investigation on DaTKEM Plaza’s damage.

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“ Also in situations like the destruction of Datkem Plaza and the accusations of financial wrongdoing against Governor Dapo Abiodun, they stress the need for transparency and justice.

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The Coalition also urged a probe into cases of political intimidation and retaliation, as well as examples of political retaliation against well-known people.

One of the Coalition for Democracy and Justice’s leaders, Mr. Shina Lorenukan, verified that the petition had been presented to the State House of Assembly in an interview with reporters shortly after it was submitted. 

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He asserted that the petition, which “ has the support of seven human rights activists, expresses worry about the State governor’s allegedly unjust, unfair, and intolerable actions.

While explaining that the State, which is frequently referred to as the “Gateway State,” should uphold strict moral standards and the observance of human rights, he pointed out that Nigeria, as a signatory to the African Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, should adhere to principles that prevent arbitrary arrests and uphold due process.

“ The coalition disputes the governor’s strategy and proposes that, if the charges are untrue, harassment should give way to legal action for libel.

The activist also expressed worries about how state agents handle residents, citing examples of home invasions and building demolitions that occurred without following the required procedures even though court injunctions were in place.

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“ Our demand is for the house to look into all these atrocities, set up a public enquiry where people like us and those at home can come and speak their mind  if they want a decent government let them come and say it. 

“I feel I will want a government where promotion of development will be seen, if we go to Alagbolè you will be shocked by the state of the road some of my colleagues came through the old road to Abeokuta, it’s an eye sore , it’s so painful, what  is  the state of our hospitals? Let us use the resources we have in Ogun state to advance them.

” This is the state of prof Wole Soyinka, this is the state of Prof Yemi Oshinbanjo, this is the state that produced Albert Oguunde, this is the state that produced Fela, this is the state that produced Mrs. Ransom-kuti , this is the state that produced MKO Abiola (of blessed memory), this is the state that produced Tai  Solanrin.”

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Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiaq, a well-known defender of human rights and a key figure in Nigeria’s Civil Society Coalition, urged the Ogun State House of Assembly to uphold its obligations and look into important issues impacting the state.

Isiaq, a resident of Lagos and a native of Ijebu East Local Government, expressed alarm over what he regarded to be “the Assembly’s disregard for its oversight and investigative responsibilities”

 He emphasised the significance of validating the allegations made in the petition while drawing attention to the Assembly’s refusal to respond to a petition presented by Wale Adedayo.

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