Another shit of paper has been signed – by Femi Adeyeye

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I have checked this whole sheet of nonsense and I am more than disappointed than there is no flip side. Like I was practically looking for the extra sheet attached to it that would contain things that make sense.

To start with, was the agreement with the FG a congressional resolution or the NLC/TUC leaders just made up these by themselves? So it’s either we don’t understand democracy as a system of government or we don’t appreciate it as a people.

Where is the resolution that says petrol must be reversed to the former price while even these “talks” are ongoing? So these leaders have accepted subsidy removal already? What they are after is how 800 million dollars that Buhari borrowed will be shared. How 5,000 Naira will be shared to 55 million households.

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Who buys petrol for those vulnerable Nigerians the day after they have received the conditional transfer of 5,000? The last one they claimed they shared, I do not till today, know any vulnerable person around me who received any cash transfer.

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It’s a simple principle of negotiation, that you negotiate from the point of strength and not weakness. Where’s the strength of the NLC in this sheet? I mean this shit of paper.

Everything stated here have always been the lies and delay tactics employed by the @NigeriaGov. Did the NLC/TUC leaders discuss how long Nigerians will have to suffer to buy fuel while these talks are on? How long will they use 30k minimum wage to buy only 50 litres of fuel? How long will they trek to work because of high fares? What about food inflation as a result of subsidy removal in petrol? How long?

Comrades. We have the ASUU example here with us. The talks with ASUU have been on like forever. At some point when both parties got tired, they changed the title of the paper they were signing (just like this) from Memorandum of Understanding to Memorandum of Action. Nothing still. It’s left to Nigerians to either accept this shit of paper or fight.

Government when they are in panic mode, are always quick at signing anything. It ends right there.

I can predict correctly that after this committee is done, another committee will be set up to review what this committee has proposed. Another will be set up for implementation. Another will issue a white paper and another will have to sit with Tinubu to explain what’s in the paper.

We’ve been here before, people. Wake up!

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