You’re a thief if you’re not paying tithe’ – Pastor says tithing makes you a billionaire

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In a recent sermon, a pastor boldly declared that Christians who neglect to pay their tithes are akin to thieves, asserting they are robbing God of what is rightfully His.

The Nigerian clergyman passionately emphasized the transformative power of consistent and genuine tithing, predicting that those who honor this obligation will experience abundant recompense from God, potentially elevating them to the status of billionaires.

The impactful sermon, shared on social media, ignited a diverse array of reactions, sparking conversations about the role of tithing in the lives of believers.

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Meanwhile, a poignant story shared by a Twitter user, @Miss_ezeani, added depth to the ongoing debate. She revealed her decision to cease attending church after her father’s church refused to participate in his burial, citing alleged outstanding dues.

Despite her father’s unwavering dedication and financial contributions, the church claimed he had defaulted on payments.

This narrative reflects the ongoing discussion surrounding tithing, where contrasting perspectives coexist. Pastors continue to emphasize its significance for Christians, while others raise questions and share personal experiences that add nuance to this complex aspect of faith.


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