Why I allowed my ex-lover record our intimate moment, Moyo Lawal reveals

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Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal, a well-known Nollywood actress, has finally spoken out about why she permitted her ex-partner to be filmed during an intimate moment and how that footage ended up in the public domain.

Ogunwatch reports that the actress rose to popularity a few weeks ago as a result of a social media video that showed her making out with an unidentified man.

The actress revealed that she agreed to have the intimate moment with her now-ex-partner recorded on camera because they were already planning to get married and the man had done a lot to earn her trust in a recent Instagram post about the tape.

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She claims she only engaged in s3xual activity twice in the past year, and one of those encounters led to the video being leaked online.

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She went on to say that while she was in the relationship, she had to put her life and other activities on hold, but that she was forced to end the relationship last year because of a lack of communication.

She disputed the assertion that the video was her own doing and emphasized that it was circulated without her permission.

“Every hunter will continue to be a hero until a lioness tells her tale, it said. Quiet, unproblematic people are consistently viewed as fools by others. But I believe it’s time for me to start speaking now.

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“One point… However, I can assure you that nothing is ever exactly as it seems. The video was one of the two times I had xxx last year.

“That I consented to because he began recording after the fact, he does not reside in Nigeria, but he put in a lot of effort—and by a lot, I mean a lot of effort—to earn my trust over the years. So much so that we were already making plans for a house, a marriage, and other things.

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“Because I put my entire life on hold when I’m dating a man, I had to end my relationship with him last year when we started having communication problems.

“I have not made so many sacrifices, such as declining so many dating offers, sleeping alone 90% of the time throughout my adult life, and choosing to be alone.to the group of skeptics who mistakenly believed I released the video due to a fanciful narrative that developed because I refrained from finger-pointing, trash-talking, or blaming anyone in favor of a swift conclusion.

“I truly have nothing to say to you; the remainder of my caption is in my slides.


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