VIDEO: exciting moment as Israel Adesanya meets Cristiano Ronaldo in Riyadh

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Ronaldo, Isreal Adesanya
Ronaldo, Isreal Adesanya

In a heartwarming encounter, professional mixed martial artist and kickboxer Israel Adesanya met the renowned football player Cristiano Ronaldo in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Friday, October 27.

The viral video, shared by Adesanya on his Instagram story, captured the athletes exchanging warm greetings. Adesanya expressed his admiration, saying, “I don’t follow sports; I follow greatness.” He even promised Ronaldo that he would attend one of his football games.

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In the video, Adesanya also commented on Ronaldo’s height, expressing his surprise at how tall the footballer is, saying, “You’re pretty tall; I didn’t know you were this tall.”

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