Tinubu appoints Mukhtar to lead healthcare value-chain initiative

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President Bola Tinubu has named Dr. Abdu Mukhtar as the National Coordinator of the Presidential ‘Unlocking Healthcare Value-Chain’ Initiative, which falls under the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare. This appointment, aimed at attracting significant investment into the healthcare system, is focused on restructuring various aspects of the health sector, including manufacturing, logistics, technology, retail services, provider facilitation, and payor reform.

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Mukhtar, who previously served as the Director of Industry & Trade Development at the African Development Bank and the Group Chief Strategy Officer of the Dangote Group of Industries, brings a wealth of experience to the role. He holds degrees in Biotechnology, Business Administration, Public Policy, and a Medical Degree.

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His mandate includes increasing domestic manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, biologics, and medical devices while improving the quality of healthcare services in Nigeria and reducing medical tourism. The President hopes that this initiative will lead to job creation and economic growth in the healthcare sector, ultimately turning healthcare potential into reality.

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