Tinubu administration got off on a wrong start, Ogun NNPP Chieftain

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The President and the All Progressive Congress (APC) government have come under fire for the weak status of the country’s economy, which has been linked to the elimination of petroleum sector subsidies.

Jobby Fayoyin, Chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party in Ogun state on Sunday emphasized that the elimination of subsidies has led to an increase in the poverty rate thus making life extremely tough.

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” It is difficult for Nigerians to feed themselves talk less of going into investment. Businesses have crumbled . Sadly, the government have not been able to arrest those who have plundered the treasury of this country. The APC government have failed to help the common man, and the people who have brought us to this level are still enjoying the proceeds of the loots.”

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Hon Fayoyin urged President Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to swallow his ego and reverse his subsidy withdrawal policy. 

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He added, “Subsidy is the last hope of common Nigerians; they can’t eat well, can not access medical facilities, the social infrastructures are in bad shape, education sector is crying for help, insecurity have made many to abandon agriculture, and so on. Many are lamenting that as bad as Buhari administration, it was not as difficult as this in the country.”

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He concluded by saying that if those bad policies are not changed for the benefit of the populace, the current administration might not do anything worthwhile for the next four years

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