Sunak and Musk’s vision: AI companions and flexible jobs

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During a unique “in conversation” event at this week’s technology summit, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and entrepreneur Elon Musk delved into various aspects of AI. 

Their discussion ranged from London’s potential as an AI tech hub to the positive and concerning implications of AI technology. Musk, known for his investments in AI and use of it in self-driving cars, expressed his worries about AI’s impact on society, especially humanoid robots. 

Sunak, eager to foster tech industry growth in the UK, engaged in a light-hearted exchange with Musk. The event took place at Lancaster House in London, without TV cameras, but with limited reporter access. 

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Musk pondered the profound implications of AI, envisioning a future where work becomes optional but also questioned how society would find meaning in such a world. 

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The unique encounter between the British Prime Minister and the tech billionaire left observers wondering who held the most influence, but both aimed to shape the future.

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