SS3 student slain at barbershop amid Eiye, Aye clash in Sagamu

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A violent clash between the notorious Eiye Confraternity and Aiye Confraternity has erupted in Sagamu, Ogun State, resulting in a horrifying death toll, according to reports from sources close to the situation. The conflict, which began last Thursday, has claimed over 20 lives, including members of the rival confraternities and innocent bystanders.

Areas in Sagamu that have become hotbeds for this violent feud include Sabo, Makun, GRA, Ijagba, and Ajaka, where residents have been living in fear as the violence escalates.

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Anene's dead body
Anene, a young person who was killed in the clash

In the heart-wrenching development amid the ongoing cult clash that has gripped Sagamu, an SS3 student met a tragic end at a local barbershop in the Sabo area. The relentless violence in the region continues to claim innocent lives, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

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In another tragic incident, Sunny Pa, an alleged 50-year-old gospel musician, lost his life in the crossfire, becoming one of the unfortunate casualties of this deadly clash. Another victim, Elemere, a popular drummer associated with a well-known local fuji musician in Sagamu, was brutally murdered at a local bar along with two other women this past Sunday.

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The Sabo area seems to have witnessed some of the worst violence, with reports indicating that at least 10 people have been killed in this specific location. Among the victims were Mikolo, a suspected Eiye member who was killed at the GRA, and Anene, a suspected Aiye member.

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The motives behind this violent clash remain murky, with sources offering varying speculations. Some have suggested a possible connection to the death of popular Nigerian musician Mohbad, while others have posited that it may be linked to a dispute over the distribution of proceeds from land-grabbing activities.

The situation in Sagamu remains tense, with residents anxiously hoping for an end to the violence that has plagued their community in recent days.


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