Rishi Sunak appoints David Cameron as foreign secretary

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In a surprising political maneuver, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Monday the appointment of his predecessor, David Cameron, as the new Foreign Minister. The decision followed the dismissal of Interior Minister Suella Braverman, who had criticized the police, posing a challenge to Sunak’s authority.

Sunak, facing electoral pressure with his party trailing behind the Labour Party, seemed to be orchestrating a reset by bringing in experienced centrists like Cameron, rather than catering to the right-wing faction that supported Braverman.

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David Cameron, who hadn’t been actively involved in frontline politics for the past seven years, expressed optimism about leveraging his extensive experience in conservative leadership to assist the current prime minister. Despite acknowledging past disagreements, Cameron characterized Sunak as a “strong and capable” leader.

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The reshuffle came amid growing criticism, particularly from opposition lawmakers, urging Sunak to remove Braverman. Her unauthorized article, accusing the police of “double standards” at protests, triggered a public clash with Sunak. The article alleged bias in handling right-wing demonstrators compared to pro-Palestinian marchers, further intensifying tensions during recent demonstrations.

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Suella Braverman’s departure saw James Cleverly stepping into the role of Foreign Minister, a move regarded as a safe choice. In an unexpected twist, Cameron, who had exited power after the 2016 Brexit referendum gamble, found himself back in the political spotlight as the new Foreign Minister. Centrist Conservatives welcomed his appointment, citing his international experience as a potential stabilizing force in challenging times. The reshuffle, though prompted by controversy, hinted at Sunak’s strategic effort to strengthen alliances and replace underperforming ministers ahead of the anticipated election.

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