Police warns against false alarm, mob actions over alleged genital theft

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The Benue State Police Command has issued a stern warning against the spreading of false alarms and mob actions related to alleged cases of missing genital organs in the state.

The caution comes in response to the rising incidents of baseless claims and the subsequent reckless behavior of some individuals, particularly youth, in reaction to these unfounded rumors.

In an official statement released by the command’s Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), SP Sewuese Anene, it was emphasized that these allegations of genital theft were not only unsubstantiated but also led to dangerous mob responses.

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The most recent incident involved a pastor and one of his congregants, and despite the absence of any formal complaint, both victims sustained various degrees of injuries. Video footage of the incident has also been circulating on social media.

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The statement further pointed out that, over the years, similar cases have been reported, but thorough medical and physical examinations consistently revealed that these claims were not true. In fact, complainants often came to realize that their genitals were intact. These incidents were deemed malicious attempts to create unnecessary tension and panic.

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The police spokesperson urged traditional rulers, religious leaders, parents, teachers, and other community stakeholders to take an active role in warning and educating the younger generation about the dangers of engaging in mob actions that cause immense harm to innocent individuals.

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Furthermore, the command issued a clear warning to those who take the law into their own hands, stating that they would be dealt with decisively in accordance with the law.

The Benue State Police Command remains committed to maintaining peace and security in the state while ensuring that false alarms and unwarranted mob actions are swiftly addressed and discouraged.


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