Operator: Furniture industry faces skill shortage

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CEO Ifeyinwa Ighodalo of DO.II Designs Ltd highlighted challenges faced by Nigeria’s furniture industry, citing a significant skill gap and a shortage of dollars. In a press briefing in Lagos, Ighodalo unveiled the upcoming DO.II Big Black Friday sales, attributing the impact of the dollar scarcity and high exchange rates to the rising market prices of furniture items.

Revealing that over 80% of raw materials for designs are locally sourced, Ighodalo mentioned the remaining 20% is imported, including items like conference tables to meet diverse clientele needs. Despite progress in reducing reliance on foreign sources, she noted the challenge of fluctuating prices affecting operational costs.

Expressing concern about insufficient tree planting in Nigeria, Ighodalo emphasized that the industry must address this issue. She pointed out that some turn to DO.II Designs Ltd due to dollar challenges, highlighting the priority individuals give to essential needs before furniture purchases.

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Acknowledging Nigeria’s talented individuals, Ighodalo stressed the need for training to refine these talents, proposing the establishment of a training school and the recruitment of skilled masters globally. Regarding the DO.II Big Black Friday, she mentioned its tradition for the past 5 to 6 years, held annually in November, aiming to provide customers with opportunities to engage and benefit from the offerings of DO.II Designs Ltd.

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