Ogun police expose ritual killing of 100 level OAU student, dark secrets unveiled

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Ogun police
Ogun Police on scene of discovery

In a shocking revelation that has ignited controversy, the Ogun State Police Command has unearthed a dark chapter in the case of the disappearance and brutal killing of Quadri Salami, an 18-year-old 100-level student at Obafemi Awolowo University.

The unfolding investigation, initiated after a missing person report was filed by Quadri’s father on November 14, 2023, has taken an unexpected turn.

The Commissioner of Police, CP ALAMUTU ABIODUN MUSTAPHA, personally led a tactical squad operation that uncovered a gruesome scene on December 6, 2023, in the Mile 6 area of Ajemo, Abeokuta. Following a tracking clue, the team discovered a shallow grave containing decomposing body parts identified as belonging to the missing student.

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The breakthrough in the case came after the arrest of AKEEM Usman, found in possession of Quadri’s phone. Under interrogation, AKEEM Usman admitted his involvement and implicated another individual, Ifadowo Niyi. Both suspects confessed to the heinous crime, revealing that they had slaughtered Quadri and dismembered his body for ritualistic purposes.

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Ifadowo Niyi absconded with Quadri’s head and two wrists, making a chilling payment of one hundred thousand Naira into AKEEM Usman’s account for the sale of these gruesome body parts. Shockingly, the suspects admitted to engaging in similar criminal activities in the past, using four other human heads for money rituals known as “Osole.”

The suspects are currently in custody at Eleweran, State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), where further discreet investigations are underway. The Commissioner of Police, CP ALAMUTU ABIODUN MUSTAPHA, reassures the public of his commitment to ensuring justice is served, vowing to prosecute all perpetrators to the full extent of the law.

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CP ALAMUTU ABIODUN MUSTAPHA encourages the community to collaborate with the police, providing volunteer information to eradicate such nefarious practices. Such criminal involvement poses a grave danger to innocent lives, and the Commissioner emphasizes the need for collective efforts in ensuring the safety and security of the community.

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