Ogun pastor arrested for abduction and false prophecies

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In Ogun State, a pastor from the Cherubim and Seraphim Church, identified as Sunday, has been apprehended on charges of issuing fraudulent prophecies and abducting a 21-year-old woman named Aliu Blessing. According to the Ogun State Police Command, Blessing had visited the church to care for her ailing sister, when the pastor allegedly prophesied that she would meet her demise on her wedding day unless she engaged in a sexual relationship with him. The pastor also purported that any man who pursued a relationship with Blessing would face a similar fate.

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Allegedly, the pastor then carried out the abduction of Blessing on February 2, 2023, taking her to an undisclosed location, causing immense distress and turmoil within her family.

After an extended period of more than seven months in alleged captivity, Blessing eventually returned home on November 5, 2023. She recounted a harrowing tale of being taken to the pastor’s family residence in Ilaro and a subsequent hotel, where multiple non-consensual sexual encounters took place.

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The Ogun State Police Command has confirmed the arrest of the pastor, and he has reportedly confessed to the crimes during interrogation. Legal proceedings against him are imminent once the investigation concludes. In addition, Blessing has been taken to the hospital due to signs of potential mental or psychiatric distress.

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The situation remains under the scrutiny of law enforcement, with the pastor’s confession and the victim’s medical condition contributing to the ongoing investigation.

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