Ogun community faces two-year power outage

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The Simawa community in Ogun State, specifically within Sagamu Local Government Area, has been enduring a prolonged two-year blackout, causing significant discontent among its residents.

This power outage is negatively impacting local businesses, prompting some traders and inhabitants to consider relocating. Many residents have resorted to alternative sources of electricity, such as solar power or generators, to cope with the situation.

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Emilia Alexander, a food vendor, expressed her frustration, revealing that she had to increase the prices of her products to avoid financial distress caused by the high cost of fuel needed to power her business. She highlighted the additional burden of having to refrigerate drinks for extended periods using expensive fuel, even as customers expected her to use a generator during their visits.

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Adekoya Omolara, another resident, pointed out that the reliance on petrol for power had become even more challenging due to its escalating costs, leading to reduced sales in the community.

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Akeem Ashaye, the community leader, mentioned that the residents have taken matters into their own hands to find a solution for restoring power, as there has been no substantial action from the government despite their awareness of the community’s predicament.

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Busolami Tunwase, the spokesperson for the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, assured that a developer is currently working with the community to resolve the supply issue. Once the process is finalized, efforts to restore power will commence promptly.

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