Nigerian nurse faces sack and deportation in UK for offering prayers to ailing patient

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UK Hospital
A UK Hospital

A Nigerian nurse in the United Kingdom has allegedly been dismissed by her hospital’s management for engaging in a prayer session with an elderly patient. The incident was brought to light by the self-acclaimed online doctor, Harvey Olufunmilayo, who shared the story on Thursday through his X handle, @drolufunmilayo.

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While the claim is yet to be independently verified, Dr. Olufunmilayo recounted the incident as a cautionary tale, advising Nigerian healthcare professionals relocating to the UK to refrain from praying for patients during their care.

According to the online doctor, the nurse in question not only lost her job but was also deported, with allegations that bringing religion into healthcare practices is considered unethical in the UK.

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Dr. Olufunmilayo emphasized that it is not customary for nurses to engage in praying for patients, highlighting that if any religious service is required, healthcare providers can seek the assistance of a cleric.

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In his social media post, he stated, “Praying for your patient is seen as an abuse of trust and misuse of your position. You are expected to simply do and focus on your job.”


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