New app tracks palliative distribution

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Convexity Technologies Limited, a Nigerian-owned fintech company, has unveiled the CHATS app, designed to monitor palliative distribution and donor funding to specified beneficiaries. 

Adedeji Owonibi, the Chief Operating Officer, revealed the initiative after discussions with the French Embassy in Abuja. 

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CHATS, utilizing blockchain technology, ensures end-to-end visibility, addressing issues of palliative diversion and enhancing transparency for donors, implementing bodies, and beneficiaries. 

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The digital solution aims to digitize processes, including fund disbursement for teachers’ salaries, food items, and other donations, combating the decline in humanitarian funding. 

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The company emphasizes using local solutions to address local problems and encourages government adoption to build public trust in social safety net programs. 

Notably, Convexity’s success story involves collaborating with the Red Cross to prevent drug diversion in Internally Displaced Persons camps through beneficiary identification and QR code-enabled transactions. 

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The call for government implementation comes amid incidents like the arrest of a senior special assistant in Kano state for alleged palliative diversion.

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