lawyer, Magashi says army bombing innocent villagers not mistake

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In a strongly-worded press statement, the African Action Congress (AAC) has condemned the recent bombing of innocent villagers in Igabi LGA, Kaduna State by the Nigerian Army.

The incident, resulting in the tragic loss of 85 lives and numerous injuries, has sparked outrage from the political party.

The AAC, led by Vice Presidential Candidate Haruna Garba Magashi Esq., expressed disbelief at the Army’s actions, dismissing the notion of a ‘mistake’ as unacceptable.

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The party emphasized the need for accountability, calling for the identification and punishment of those responsible, branding the incident an act of terrorism against the Nigerian people.

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Criticizing the APC government for its perceived failure and unpreparedness, the AAC raised concerns about the absence of immediate government response.

The statement highlighted the Commander-in-Chief’s location in Dubai with a large entourage, criticizing the expenses incurred while the country grapples with a deteriorating economy.

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Magashi urged a collective introspection, attributing the incident to years of neglect of the masses by Nigeria’s leaders. The party asserted that proper governance, healthcare, education, and food security could have averted such tragedies.

The AAC demanded swift action, proposing days of national mourning, an independent investigation into the incident, and full compensation for victims’ families as per the Terrorism Prevention and Prohibition Act.

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They also called for immediate, quality treatment for the injured and a formal apology from the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, accompanied by assurances that such incidents would not recur. The statement concluded with a signature from Haruna Garba Magashi Esq., urging a united front against such tragedies.


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