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How to gain admission into OOU without JAMB in 2023

There are several ways to gain admission into OOU(Olabisi Onabanjo University) without even thinking of writing the Joint Matriculation Examination Board (JAMB) test. In OOU, the process which affords you this opportunity is called the CCED.

The CCED which means Centre for Continuing Education helps you to gain admission into OOU without JAMB.

Amongst many others which the CCED has come to ameliorate is the very strict rule of making students get into the university through JAMB.

It is general knowledge that for a student to gain admission into any well respected university in Nigeria; such student must have taken the JAMB exam, having a required score to scale through.

Now, when such students do not meet up the score to push them into the University of their Choice, they have no other option but to wait to take another JAMB exam the following year which continues to delay their academic life.

Many have written JAMB so many times and are been ‘jammed’ every year, jeopardizing their future which is at stake. Now, the good thing about a branch of the CCED is that it affords the ample opportunity of not waiting to get jammed by jamb every year.

A desirous student can apply to just as the name implies, continue his education and when such programme is completed, such student can apply into any university with such programme results and not necessarily the strict jamb.

The branch of Part-Time programme in the CCED where persons could go about their daily means of income every day of the week and at weekends go for classes is a testament of the very fact that persons could continue learning at their convenient hours and time.

The centre for the continued education is located in the former mini campus of the university.

CESAP and PDS were brought together and renamed as Centre for Continuing Education (CCED) with three units namely;

  • Part-Time studies
  • Certificate and Diploma Studies
  • Pre-Degree Studies.

In the process of applying for any of the above, one would be required to fill a form through the link: https://portal.cced.oouagoiwoye.edu.ng/application/apply.php providing a valid email address and telephone number.
An authentication code would be sent to such email address and the said code is to be used to validate the registration of the application.

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admission into OOU without JAMB

After the completion of the above, one would proceed to the payment page.

In the filing and processing of the application, the programme type would be asked, which could either be, weekend degree, jupeb, pre degree, advanced certificate, long vacation degree, weekday part time degree.
It should be noted that for those applying for part time programme, a jamb number would be required in the registration.

This is to the effect that the part time programmes would be substituted in place of the jamb upon using same to gain admission into any school.

What is Pre-Degree? Who may apply for a Pre-Degree?

The Pre-Degree program is an academic programme offered by OOU as many Nigerian universities and it enables applicants to gain admission into OOU without JAMB. The programme just like a tutorial prepare students in various courses of choice ahead of a major degree programme.

At the end of the programme, student applicants will still take JAMB exam while writing Post UTME exam.

Just as stated above, students with O’level results from secondary schools can apply for a pre-degree

Random persons who have also finished secondary school long time ago and seek to gain admission into the university.
It should be known that it is compulsory for person applying for a pre- degree program to have an O’level result.

Programmes that can be applied for in a Pre-Degree?

B.sc Home and Hotel Management

B.A History and Diplomatic Studies

B.Sc (Ed) Accounting
B.Sc (Ed) Mathematics
B.Sc (Ed) Business Administration B.Sc (Ed) Social Studies
B.Sc (Ed) Health Education
B.Sc Accounting
B.Sc Banking and finance B.A English
B.A French
B.A Performing Arts


Mode of application, processes and fees

After accessing this link, above and upon completion of the Pre degree form, aspirant would be required to pay an acceptance fee of 60,000 naira.
After payment of the acceptance fee, verification of the candidate’s credentials begin.

Aspirants are also medically tested during the whole process of verification. A token amount of about 8,000 naira is to be paid for the medicals.

Upon conclusion of the verification, the student is enabled to pay the school fees which vary according to the programme.
For nursing, the school fees is a total of 150,000 thousand naira. For law, it is a sum total of 250,000 naira.
Other programme comes with their own fees.

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Duration of the Pre-Degree?

One may almost think that the period for a pre-degree would be the conventional 4 years in the university, but then, this is far from the fact.

The period for any pre-degree programmes spans for 9 months. This means that, after 9 months, the pre-degree programme comes to an end and the results from the pre-degree determines the students’ access to the university.

JUPEB Programme

The jupeb programme is synonymous to the pre degree programme, it enables applicant to gain admission into OOU without JAMB test. Same course as in pre degree can also be applied for in the jupeb. Difference between JUPEB and PREDEGREE in Oou.

Whilst the acceptance fees for predegree is pegged at 60,000 naira, for jupeb, the acceptance fee as at 2019 was pegged at 36,000 naira.

For courses as Human and strategic studies, the fee is sum total of 250,000 naira. Courses as medicine and nursing are a sum total of over 350,000 naira.
Major difference between the two is that, predegree seems more of a jamb tutorial, the result which is gotten from the predegree is now used for admission instead of a jamb score.

Now, the predegree launches students into 100 level in the university whilst the jupeb programme launches students directly into 200 level.

Why choose Pre-Degree in Oou?

The fact remains that for those who have decided to do their predegree in Oou, all the candidates gain admission into the Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Admission is totally guaranteed for candidates who did pre degree in oou and have also chosen oou as their first choice of university.

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How To Apply for OOU DIPLOMA Programme

Anybody can apply for the diploma programme. The programme is similar to JUPEB in that it enables applicants to gain admission into OOU without JAMB test, while placing them in 200 level.

First thing is to get the form which cost about 10,500 naira, upon completion of the filling of the form, candidates are to wait for a period of time, approximately 2 weeks.

Admission would be given after the wait period through the portal. Admission letter is given instantly. Acceptance fee of the admission is to be paid for which cost 31,500 naira.

Upon payment of the acceptance fee, candidates proceeds to do verification of their credentials and bio-data (First and second verification which is majorly getting documents to be signed by respective officers which includes, Waec or any O level results 5 credits in combo courses, birth certificate, and other documents to be printed from the portal)

Again, the student would have to pay for medicals which cost a total of over 7,000 naira.

It should be noted that it is compulsory for candidates to have a minimum of 5 credits to be fully admitted into the diploma programme.

The fees also vary according to the different courses. For Diploma in law, the fee is 102,500 naira.

How To Apply For Part Time/ Weekend Degree in OOU ?

For the application of a weekend or part time degree, anyone can register or apply. This programme affords applicants opportunity to gain admission into OOU without JAMB.

In the part time programme, lectures are received at specified days of the week unlike the undergraduate programme.

Whilst the application process is synonymous to that of other programmes as JUPEB or PREDEGREE, some courses which are taken in other programmes cannot be taken in the part time program in oou. Such courses which cannot be taken in the part time program are , Law, Medicine, Engineering.

For the part time degree programme, the applicant has the discretion of applying for either weekdays or weekends; this is at the convenience of the applicant.

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