How to enjoy “detty december” on a budget

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Let’s spill the tea: our afrobeats stars are doing the “Japa” because promoters can’t handle their December price tags. But no need for those tears; we’ve got your back with a detailed plan to keep the festive spirit alive without breaking your “banku” account.

1. DJ and Hypemen Parties:
Imagine DJs and hypemen stealing the spotlight, overshadowing even the legendary party essentials. No more artist drama, just pure beats and hype. My dear, attend those parties, Forget those fashionably late entrances; your DJ won’t leave you hanging like that neglected pot on the fire.

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2. Indie Shows:
Support your favorite artists, even the unsung heroes in Team C or Z. Attending their shows means you’re not just partying; you’re contributing to their music fund. Who knows? You might stumble upon the next big thing while having a great time.

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3. Club Life:
The usual drill—loud music, good vibes, and those dance moves you perfect in front of the mirror. December in the club? It’s like your regular enjoyment on steroids. Rub shoulders with invited celebrities and big ballers; that’s the real deal.

4. Beach Vibes:
Lagos beaches are now transforming into chill spots with their own DJ celebs. Imagine the waves, sand, and mad tunes, Yeah that’s a vibe, that’s the Rythm.

5. Host Your Own Parties
Be the host of your own party. Gather your squad, pump up the volume, and dive into old-school jams. Go nostalgic, and before you know it, everyone’s singing along till the playlist runs out. It’s your party; own it.

6. Street Carnivals:
If your street isn’t planning a carnival, step up as the MVP. Call a meeting, drop your master plan, and turn your neighborhood into the hottest spot in town. Strengthen communal ties, and maybe even organize some cool estate activities.

7. “Home Alone” Vibes:
Feeling solo? No worries! Cook up some home-made delicacies, grab a drink, and blast those tunes. It’s a party in your living room—your style. Someone shout, “Omo Naija, we dey groove!” 🕺💃

In true Naija style, we’re keeping the groove alive—whether na DJ, indie artist, or your own living room paro. No dulling; let the December jollification begin! 🎉🇳🇬

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