Gov Otti reveals disturbing discovery of dead bodies in Abia market

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Gov Otti
Gov Otti

During a media briefing in Umuahia, Governor Alex Otti of Abia State disclosed a shocking revelation of approximately 50 decomposing bodies, including 20 headless ones, found in the vicinity of Lokpanta Regional Cattle Market in Umunneochi Local Government Area.

Expressing deep regret that the area had become a haven for criminals, the governor affirmed the state government’s unwavering commitment to expel all residents from the market.

Governor Otti emphasized the transformation of the market into a daytime operation that closes in the evening. He reiterated his determination to eliminate any criminal activity from the state, including the location where these bodies were discovered.

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The governor also suggested that those opposing the government’s efforts to clean up the cattle market were either criminals or their associates. Governor Otti highlighted the utilization of technology to combat insecurity in the state and vowed to continue the fight against criminals until lasting peace and security were restored.

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Additionally, the governor revealed the installation of electronic equipment to monitor activities across the state. The recent discovery of a substantial amount of ransom payments for kidnappings in the Umunneochi area led to a raid, which uncovered the disturbing reality of over 50 decomposed bodies, including headless corpses.

Governor Otti emphasized the need to secure the market, dismantle brothels, and establish a daytime operation with appropriate fencing to enhance security in the region.

He further stressed the importance of relocating individuals residing within the market to nearby communities, with the goal of ensuring a peaceful Christmas season in Umunneochi and throughout the state.


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