Economic recovery foundation set – Tinubu

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In his New Year message, President Bola Tinubu expressed confidence in the foundation laid for economic recovery in 2023 during his administration. He acknowledged the trust placed in him by the Nigerian people and outlined the mandate to enhance the economy, improve security, revive industry, boost agriculture, and elevate national productivity.

Addressing the challenges faced during the past seven months of his presidency, Tinubu mentioned key decisions, such as the removal of fuel subsidy and restructuring the foreign exchange system, aimed at addressing fiscal issues. He acknowledged the resulting discomfort but assured citizens that these measures were necessary for the long-term benefit of the country.

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Acknowledging the economic burdens faced by Nigerians, Tinubu promised a relentless effort to bring about positive change. Despite the rising cost of living, high inflation, and underemployment, he called on citizens to remain resilient, emphasizing that tough times are temporary. He urged Nigerians to commit to being better citizens and work collectively for the good of the nation.

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Reflecting on his earlier inaugural speech, where he acknowledged challenges but emphasized resilience, Tinubu reinforced his commitment to delivering across all sectors in the new year. Having laid the groundwork for economic recovery in the previous months, he pledged to accelerate service delivery, implement fiscal and tax policy reforms, and create a business-friendly environment.

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In his quest to attract investments, Tinubu reassured investors that Nigeria is ready and open for business. He vowed to address obstacles hindering business competitiveness and pledged to remove any hindrance obstructing Nigeria’s path to becoming a preferred destination for local and foreign investments. Overall, the President conveyed optimism and determination to navigate challenges and propel the nation towards progress in 2024.

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