DP World: Australia site resume operations after cyberattack

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DP World Australia, a major port operator, has successfully restored online operations following a cyber-attack that disrupted container terminals in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth from Friday to Monday morning.

The company, managing approximately 40% of Australia’s goods flow, disconnected its ports from the internet as a precautionary measure. Although the outage didn’t impact major supermarket supply chains, around 5,000 containers are expected to move through the terminals today. The government, represented by Cyber Security Coordinator Darren Goldie, reported progress in bringing the sites back online but has yet to identify the attackers.

DP World emphasized that while port operations resumed, the incident’s investigation and remediation efforts are ongoing. Industrial action and strikes have further complicated matters, causing delays in customer deliveries. Concerns about potential disruptions to the supply chain, from medical equipment to Christmas toys, have arisen, but major retailers like Woolworths and Coles are currently monitoring the situation with minimal anticipated impacts.

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This cyber incident adds to Australia’s growing concerns about cybersecurity, prompting the government to plan an overhaul of cybersecurity laws and establish an agency to coordinate responses to intrusions. Details on the proposed rules are expected to be released soon.

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