Court rejects no-case submission of Osinachi’s husband in alleged homicide case

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In a significant legal development, the court has dismissed Mr. Nwachukwu’s no-case submission in the alleged homicide case related to Mrs. Osinachi. The ruling was delivered by Justice Nwosu-Iheme, who held that the prosecution successfully presented a case against the defendant.

The Federal Government had levied a 23-count charge against Nwachukwu in connection with the death of Osinachi.

Following his plea of not guilty, the presiding judge ordered the defendant’s remand at the Kuje correctional facility, pending further proceedings.

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Throughout the trial, the prosecution called upon 17 witnesses to provide testimony. The trial, which commenced on June 20, 2022, concluded on March 10, 2023.

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Mrs. Osinachi, who tragically passed away on April 8, 2022, was initially believed to have succumbed to throat cancer. However, suspicions arose among her family and friends, suggesting that her death was connected to alleged assault by her husband, who was subsequently arrested.

The National Hospital in Abuja later conducted an autopsy, which revealed no signs of violence on the deceased. The autopsy report attributed Osinachi’s cause of death to various factors, including organ pallor, leg swelling, cardiac tamponade due to tumor deposits, and an enlarged heart, among others.

In response to the autopsy findings, Mr. Nwachukwu’s counsel, I.A. Aliyu, filed a no-case submission, arguing that the evidence exonerated his client from charges of culpable homicide and domestic violence. He contended that Osinachi’s death was primarily caused by outgrowth tumors, leading to cardiac tamponade, with cancer as the secondary cause of death.

Aliyu implored the court to acquit his client of all allegations.


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