Comedian Brain Jotter’s reaction to unexpected crossdresser revelation

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Comedian Chukwuebuka Emmanuel, the famous Brain Jotter, is at the center of a bizarre twist in a heartwarming story that took a surprising turn. Just a few days ago, Brain Jotter made headlines for his generous act of kindness toward a young, physically challenged hawker who introduced herself as Eniola. Moved by her perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit, Brain Jotter handed her a whopping N400,000 to jumpstart her makeup artist business.

However, the plot thickened as the story unfolded. In an unexpected twist, it was revealed that Eniola is allegedly a crossdresser. To add another layer of intrigue, reports emerged that Eniola had received substantial financial assistance totaling over N600,000 from other well-meaning individuals in the past.

Expressing his shock and disbelief, Brain Jotter took to social media to share his side of the story. He exclaimed, “I can’t believe it! We were all taken for a ride. Some kind-hearted people had already contributed more than N600k to support this individual. He deceived us all. He’s not who he claimed to be – he’s actually a man.”

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In this captivating turn of events, the tale of Brain Jotter’s goodwill takes an unexpected twist, leaving readers both surprised and intrigued by the evolving narrative.

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