Bayowa cheated me, ‘Eleyele’ crooner, Busola Oke accuses former label boss

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Busola Oke, Gbenga Adewusi

Gospel artist Busola Oke, renowned for her hit single “Eleyele,” has again come forward with allegations of being swindled by music promoter Gbenga Adewusi, commonly known as Bayowa, during her tenure as a signee under his record label, Bayowa Films and Records International.

In a recent interview with Oyinmomo TV which Ogunwwatch observed, Oke disclosed that despite recording four albums during her time at Bayowa’s label, she has not received any gratuity. She did mention that the only tangible gain from her association with Bayowa was a car gifted to her by music marketer IK Dancet, who sympathized with her over her ordeal.

Oke stated, “IK Dancet called me then and asked me what Bayowa had done for me… In a nutshell, he bought a car called Honda Halla in 2006; I had just given birth then.”

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When questioned about her compensation for her work on the four albums, Busola noted, “Bayowa did not specifically pay me for my workmanship, aside from the times he said, ‘Take N20,000 to fuel your car,’ or when we were out, he might ask, ‘What would you like to eat? Okay, go and buy them food at Sweet Sensation.”

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Regarding whether there was any formal agreement, she revealed, “We didn’t have any agreement. You know that, as a young person, I was then naive and had very little knowledge of the music industry. I didn’t enter any agreement; I was just excited that I was going to be a star.”

Oke went on to describe her initial attempts to address the situation, saying, “So, it got to a point where I started feeling cheated because this man was making a lot of money. One day, I wanted to go and meet him to discuss it. My band members were with me; we were returning from somewhere.”

“When we got there, we couldn’t recall what we wanted to discuss with him. He simply brought juice and some other items and began exchanging pleasantries with everyone.” As of now, she has not pursued the matter further with her former label boss, Mr. Adewusi.

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