Armed robbers attack Ogun poly communities, shoots students

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In a series of unsettling incidents, armed robbers targeted the residential areas of Ipara-Remo and Ode-Remo communities in Ogun State.

These communities house students from Gateway Polytechnic, Saapade, and were subjected to two separate attacks around 1 am.

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The assailants engaged in a combination of shooting, robbery, and the reported sexual molestation of female students.

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The attacks resulted in injuries among the students, with Francis Dwumfour left critically wounded.

Despite recurrent incidents, the assaults reached a distressing peak during the latest occurrence.

Community sources disclosed prior attacks, notably one that transpired two Fridays ago, where students were shot, fueling concerns of potential fatalities.

Students voiced dissatisfaction with the responsiveness of the police during these attacks.

Additionally, the absence of on-campus hostel facilities was identified as a significant factor contributing to the vulnerability of students.

Acknowledging the severity of the situation, officials from the polytechnic management expressed awareness and outlined ongoing efforts to address the prevailing security challenges.

The state’s Police Public Relations Officer confirmed the attacks, stating that the injured student had been discharged, and thankfully, no fatalities were reported.

In light of these concerning developments, calls were made for the intervention of the state government to effectively address and resolve the prevailing security challenges in these vulnerable communities.


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