Antonia Bennett praises Lady Gaga’s bond with late father Tony, shares his key singing advice

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Antonia Bennett, daughter of the late Tony Bennett, shares insights into the ‘special relationship’ between her father and Lady Gaga, emphasizing their bond and the valuable singing advice Tony imparted. Despite Tony’s passing at 96 due to Alzheimer’s, Antonia expresses happiness about their enduring friendship.

Antonia reflects on Gaga and Tony’s unique connection, their collaborative albums, and the Grammy-winning success. Antonia, preparing for her solo debut, recalls her father’s advice to sing with genuine emotion, emphasizing the importance of connecting with the audience.

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While anticipating her performance, Antonia acknowledges the bittersweet moment without her father. She believes he would be proud of her continuation in the music industry. Antonia discusses using grief to enhance her performances and appreciates the support and shared memories from fans.

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Expressing excitement about upcoming shows, Antonia embraces the joy of performing and cherishes the opportunity to share her music. Regarding potential AI technology for duets with her late father, she remains open-minded, stating she has yet to fully consider it. The possibility of holographic performances with her father is left uncertain.

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In summary, Antonia Bennett reflects on her father’s legacy, the enduring connection with Lady Gaga, and her own journey in the music industry, finding solace in the shared love for performance.

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