Amnesty criticizes Tinubu on human rights

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Six months into his presidency, Bola Tinubu faces criticism from Amnesty International for neglecting human rights in Nigeria. The organization presented its findings in a document titled “Nigeria: Human Rights Agenda 2023” in Abuja, highlighting various instances of rights violations.

Despite unveiling new policies, Tinubu’s administration is accused of not effectively addressing widespread human rights issues. Amnesty International urges the president to hold accountable those responsible for past violations and emphasizes the need for prioritizing human rights protection.

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Copies of the agenda have been sent to top government officials, urging them to study and implement its recommendations. Isa Sanusi, Amnesty International Nigeria’s country director, stresses the importance of setting a human rights agenda for Tinubu’s administration.

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Auwal Rafsanjani, board chairman of Amnesty International Nigeria, clarifies that the organization is not “anti-government” but opposes rampant rights violations. Rafsanjani calls on the government to prevent and investigate rights abuses, highlighting citizens’ rights to life, freedom of expression, and assembly while addressing the deteriorating economic situation blamed on political corruption.

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