Actor Hanks Anuku’s new video sparks concerns

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Hanks Anuku, the seasoned actor, has once again become a hot topic after a video surfaced of him at a fueling station in Asaba. The footage captures a conversation that has left many on social media expressing their concerns.

In the viral video, Anuku can be heard expressing his admiration for a woman nearby, but the rest of his speech remains unclear. The person filming the actor concludes the video with a distressing remark, stating that Anuku seems to be ‘gone.’

The video triggered a wave of worry about the actor’s well-being on social media. @Updateboyx on X reminisced about the joy Anuku brought to their childhood and hoped he would find balance in life. @A6oki urged people to check on him, suggesting he might be unwell and in need of therapy.

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@Siinclair_Ness highlighted Anuku’s unkempt appearance, expressing concern for what he might be going through. @favlady12 wished him well, while @rachgale admitted fear of watching the video to the end, anticipating something bad. @ambalium emphasized the urgent need for help.

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This isn’t the first time Anuku’s well-being has sparked concern. Several months ago, a video of him walking the streets of Asaba stirred debate about his safety. Actress Shan George later clarified that he was fine and just on a film set. Anuku himself confirmed his good health, supporting Shan George’s statement.

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