Accept your failure,Ogun PDP tell gov Abiodun over palliative sharing

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ladi and dapo abiodun

The Ogun State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called upon Governor Dapo Abiodun to assume accountability for the distribution shortcomings of palliative rice, which was intended to alleviate the impact of the recent removal of subsidies on petroleum products in the country.

This demand from the PDP was made in a statement issued on a Sunday and signed by its Publicity Secretary, Asiwaju Akinloye Bankole. The party’s stance was prompted by a statement from the state government, which alleged that opposition parties were actively working to undermine the relief efforts initiated by both the state and federal governments, meant to ease the burden on vulnerable citizens resulting from the subsidy removal.

In response to viral videos condemning the distribution of these palliatives, Governor Abiodun’s Chief Press Secretary, Lekan Adeniran, stated that the government was cognizant of certain opposition agents employing media tactics to discredit the present administration. Labeling these individuals as “fifth columnists,” the statement reiterated that the federal government had been clear in stating that palliatives were intended for the most vulnerable members of society, not the entire population.

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The statement emphasized, “It should be recalled that Governor Abiodun clearly instructed everyone involved in the distribution of palliatives that they must reach the intended beneficiaries. Despite the government’s meticulous efforts to ensure that these palliatives promptly reached the right recipients, some individuals persist in attempting to tarnish the administration’s reputation for reasons rooted in politics.”

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This was illustrated by a recent viral video featuring a man claiming to be a Community Development Association chairman in the state. He took to social media and seemingly disregarded the intended purpose of the palliatives, suggesting ulterior motives for political gain.

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Adeniran expressed surprise at the man’s claim that the bag of rice was meant for his entire Community Development Association. “This man is fully aware that the bag of rice is designated for one vulnerable family in the community, not all the residents. It was sent to him as the chairman for onward transfer to a vulnerable widow in his community. Yet, instead of ensuring it reached the intended beneficiary, he chose to exploit the situation for political purposes, revealing himself as a destructive agent of the opposition.”

The opposition party was astounded that Governor Abiodun would resort to blackmail to deflect attention from the failure of the palliative distribution and its rejection by the state’s residents. The PDP’s statement read, “As the primary opposition party in Ogun State, we have refrained from commenting on the government’s distribution of palliatives, expecting that Governor Dapo Abiodun’s APC-led government would have overcome its history of repeated failures and irresponsibility.”

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“Regrettably, the governor has accused us of blackmailing his failing government. The widespread rejection of palliatives by members of Community Development Associations is a clear indication of the government’s unpopularity over the years. The ineffectual implementation of the palliative distribution in Ogun is an affront to the sensibilities of the state’s citizens and reveals Governor Abiodun’s lack of innovative governance ideas.

Ogun State residents know what is best for them and do not need encouragement to stand against government irresponsibility and corporate insults. If Governor Abiodun is unsure of how to properly implement palliative measures, he should seek immediate assistance, starting with an unreserved apology to the people of the state.”


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