70-Year-Old overcomes barrenness, welcomes twins

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In a remarkable turn of events, a 70-year-old Ugandan woman, Safina Namukwaya, celebrated the birth of twins after years of barrenness.

The joyous occasion unfolded at a medical facility in Kampala, where Namukwaya had undergone fertility treatment. Dr. Edward Tamale Sali, overseeing the pregnancy and delivery, described it as an “extraordinary achievement.”

The twins, a boy and a girl, arrived on Wednesday at the Women’s Hospital International and Fertility Centre, founded by Dr. Sali. Despite the unconventional circumstances, both the mother and newborns were reported to be in good health.

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Living in the rural outskirts of Masaka, Namukwaya expressed her overwhelming joy at this unexpected miracle. She highlighted the rarity of delivering twins at the age of 70 when societal expectations often deem women unable to conceive or care for infants.

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She recounted facing skepticism and derogatory remarks, previously being labeled a “cursed woman” before giving birth to a girl in 2020.

Namukwaya shared her life’s journey, including the loss of her first husband in 1992, which left her childless until she met her current partner in 1996.

However, she expressed disappointment that her partner had not visited her since she entered the hospital for delivery, speculating that the news of twins might have contributed to his absence due to perceived increased responsibilities.

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