Ogun residents urge reopening of road turn

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Residents of Lufuwape town in Ogun State, particularly affected by the closure of the turning point on the expressway leading into their community, expressed their grievances. The turning point, directly opposite the town, was blocked by road contractors, Julius Berger PLC, during a recent highway renovation.

As a consequence, residents now have to travel to the Sagamu interchange to make a U-turn before entering the town, leading to increased travel time and unnecessary hardship. Godwin, a resident, highlighted the impact on transportation costs, with fares doubling due to the extended route.

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Mrs Apata, a trader, emphasized the challenges faced by the community in crossing the road, especially with heavy goods from Lagos. She appealed to authorities to open the turning point or provide a pedestrian bridge to prevent accidents.

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Kayode Shoneye, a member of the Community Development Association, outlined various challenges, including increased travel time, fuel consumption, and elevated transport costs. He called for an alternative turning point to alleviate the difficulties faced by the community.

The Federal Controller of Works, Lagos State, Olukorede Keisha, clarified that the designated point was a temporary U-turn created during the ongoing project. With the project nearing completion, temporary turning points would be blocked to prevent accidents and unnecessary loss of lives. She explained that accidents occurred due to different levels of traffic flow for inward and outward Lagos.

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